Greek Pharma Private Limited

Sachet Section

Sr. No. Product Name Size Composition Packing
1 COLLAVISC 12.5gm Bioactive Collagen Peptides Sachets Pouch
2 OLAGUT 1.5gm A Blend of Four Natural Probiotic Strains & Prebiotic With Zinc Pouch
3 OLA9 -PLUS 5gm L-Arginine3g + Proanthocyanidin75mg+ DHA 20mg Pouch
4 GEMFIT -D3 1gm Cholecalciferol Granules 60000 I.U. Pouch
5 GEMFIT -COLA 12.5gm Collagen Peptide +Calcium Citrate Maleate + Calcitriol Pouch
6 OLAVESTIN -PLUS 15gm Collagen Peptide+ Univestin +Soudium Hyaluronate + Chondroitin Sulfate+ MSM+ Glucosamine Sulfate Pouch
7 OLAFIT GREEN COFFEE 5 gm Green Coffee Bean extract 2gm. Pouch
8 R9 Sachet 5 gm L-Arginine + Proanthocyanidin. Pouch