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Third Party Manufacturing

Third Party Pharma Manufacturer – Olamic Pharma Pvt. Ltd. is one of the top 10 pharma manufacturing companies to provide you with an extensive list of DCGI approved drug formulations.We provide the third party manufacturing solutions to varied kinds of pharma product categories like diabetics, paediatric medicines, oncology, cardiology, ophthalmic, ENT etc Our company is a certified ISO Company that owns a vast set of Schedule M, GMP-WHO units. There are number of pharma companies which do not have their own manufacturing plant but they are associated with us for third party manufacturing services. We work for them & full-fill their requirements.

Olamic Pharma Pvt. Ltd. is a reputed third party pharma manufacturer & supplier in India. The company is certified with GMP, WHO, DCGI etc. We provide you with the best quality solution for all varieties of tablets, capsules, pills, syrups, oral suspension, powders, creams, ointments etc. Our manufacturing units have the capacity to meet huge orders at ease of convenience. You get the benefits of excise duty-free manufacturing which makes our services affordable yet genuine. So if you have plan to outsourcing the manufacturing work to us then contact us at +91-8607076667 / 9729446151 or send your requirement by mail at
Our company has made its identity as a genuine, trustable and ethical pharma manufacturing company in India. We have been offering quite extravagant quality pharma APIs, drugs and products solution for pharma manufacturing. All the drug formulations are certified by Drug Controller General of India (DCGI). Here are some of the drug dosage that we are covering in outsourcing services:

Beta-lactam Capsules
Beta-lactam Tablets
Capsules (Soft Gelatin Capsules/ Softgel, Hard Shelled Capsules)
Dermatological Products (Face Wash, Soap, Shampoo, etc)
Dry syrup (Oral Suspensions, Sachets)
Injections (Dry Injection also)
Liquids (Liquid Preparations, Drops, Spray, Syrup, Elixirs,)
Ointments (Creams, Lotions, Gels, etc)
Tablets (Caplets, Pills, Pallets, Orally Disintegrating Tablet (ODT)) etc.

Here you will get multiple of anti-infective, anti-thrombotic, antibiotics, analgesics, multivitamins, painkillers etc. Olamic Pharma Pvt. Ltd. is the best 3rd party pharma manufacturing company in India. Our company is a best-known drugs formulation developers and manufacturer in India. We are known suppliers and traders of a wide range of pharma formulations. Our company has self-owned manufacturing units in excise duty-free zones of India. They are set up in accordance with Schedule M of Cosmetic and Drugs Act. For more details find our Third party Manufacturing Products list

Why Associated with Olamic Pharma Pvt. Ltd. For Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Services?

Over last few years third party pharma manufacturing has gone through the tremendous change. Earlier, when there weren’t enough technologies and methods the manufacturing was expensive as well as not very effective but presently with the ultra modern and high technology the medicine are becoming more effective and cost-efficient. These are some perks of third party pharma manufacturing:

Cost Efficiency
With the mission to provide every individual with the high quality and affordable range of medicine, Olamic Pharma Pvt. Ltd. is not just focusing on quality but also ensuring to provide products at competitive prices. We are using manufacturing process which is cost effective and deliver high-quality pharma products.
Timely Delivery
For us at Olamic Pharma Pvt. Ltd. time is money and we value the time of our clients. Therefore, we ensure to deliver all products on time through our fast delivery services all over the country. To ensure the timely delivery of products we have the strict schedule and proper planning.
Quality Product
Good attention is towards the quality of each and every product making sure that client and customers both get the high-quality range of medicine. Making sure to deliver the best quality is not a difficult task for us at Olamic Pharma Pvt. Ltd. Pvt Ltd. We have the quality assurance team which keeps the strict check on the quality of each and every product. Apart from this, Olamic Pharma Pvt. Ltd. have modern high tech automatic manufacturers which keep the consistency in producing high-quality medicine.
Strong Customer Relationship
To acquire success in third-party manufacturing it is important to have good understanding between both parties. We understand the requirements of our customers and then serve them with our best services.